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The Fire In Which We Burn

A D&D 5e game that takes place on the World of Mesembria.

You struggle to push the blackness back as you fight for consciousness. The beating of your heart is your only sensation, you can almost hear the blood moving through your veins.

An acrid smell of smoke burrow’s through the fog. The sharp smell of burning wood is laced with an undercurrent of cooked flesh. Your mouth is filled with the taste of copper and bile. Your stomach heaves and vomit pools around your head. Wind rustles your matted hair and gooseflesh rises on your arms.

The sound of a woman’s scream, as if from a long tunnel, rouses you enough to open your eyes. A corpse looks back at you, the broken shaft of a spear pinning the lifeless body to the ground. It’s back undulates from the swarm of flies feeding on it.

Slowly you sit up and look around you. The aftermath of a large battle covers the large field you are laying in. Movement catches your eye as several large crow’s fly in to begin feeding.

Looking down, you see your clothing is filled with large gashes and is covered with blood. The flesh beneath is unmarked, but you have the sensation of half remembered pain.

Another scream echo’s across the field. Looking behind you you see several goblin’s picking through a pile of corpse’s. Behind them several more are dragging a woman into the wood’s, her eyes are locked on a goblin who is grabbing the hair of a young screaming boy. With a swift slash the goblin slices through the neck of the boy. Laughing, he tosses the head in the direction of the distraught woman as she disappears into the forest. The goblin turn’s and begins to help his comrades loot the corpses.

You push yourself to your feet, noticing as you do three others standing as well. The goblin’s notice your presence and begin to spread out as they advance on you.

How did you get here? Who are these men? Where are you? Nothing makes sense. You don’t remember any of this!

What will you do?

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